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The EQ Edge – A Workable Plan to Enhance Your Social & Emotional Intelligence – “Resilience”

Social & Emotional Intelligence – Another way of being smart – Heighten Success, improve your life and become an Influential Leader. We will cover 26 competencies that determine how we manage ourselves and how we handle our relationships.

10th of the Series is:


Perseverance and diligence in the face of setbacks

 Here are some of the qualities people have with “Resilience”.
  • Know how to cope in spite of setbacks, barriers or limited resources.
  • Bounce back from adversity and disappointments.
  • Are flexible and adaptable.
  • See setbacks as temporary and failures as isolated and short term.
Here are some of the qualities people have who are lacking Resilience.
  • See failure as permanent.
  • Experience a great deal of negative “self-talk” (“what were you thinking?” or “you’ll never come back from this one”).


Can you strengthen your “Resilience”? YES!


Some Developmental Tips
  • For starters, practice healthy living – we can’t be resilient if we’re lacking sleep, are stressed, or malnourished.
  • Challenge the negative “self-talk” – ask yourself, “what’s my real belief here?” and “is there any evidence behind this self-doubt?”
  • See setbacks as temporary and disappointments as isolated, short term and specific to the circumstance, not as permanent or applicable to all situations.


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