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The EQ Edge – A Workable Plan to Enhance Your Social & Emotional Intelligence – “Building Trust”

Social & Emotional Intelligence – Another way of being smart – Heighten Success, improve your life and become an Influential Leader. We will cover 26 competencies that determine how we manage ourselves and how we handle our relationships.

26th of the Series is:

Building Trust

 Being trustworthy and ethical when working and relating to others; ability to establish and bond of trust with others.

 Here are some of the qualities people have with “Building Trust”
  • Treat people fairly consistently and with respect.
  • Genuinely care about others.
  • Maintain high standards of personal integrity.
  • Deliver on their promises and commitments.
Here are some of the qualities people have who are lacking Building Trust.
  • Make promises they are not able or do not intend to keep.
  • Undermine others for their own gain.


Can you strengthen your “Building Trust”? YES!


Some Developmental Tips
  • Build personal relationships with others through listening carefully to what’s on their minds and in their hearts.
  • Admit your mistakes or your part in them.
  • Protect the interests of those who are not present and those with less power than you.


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