“As a Dental Consultant, I found myself spending a lot of time mentoring others. Seeing the positive effects this has had, I have chosen to make mentoring my primary purpose.”


You might ask yourself, why a mentor? Here are some possibilities
  • You may want to become a better leader
  • You may want a more balanced life
  • You may want to know where your strengths or competencies lie and how to build on them
  • You may find yourself in a position where you are feeling uncomfortable and want to know why
  • It may be that you are looking for a more fulfilled life
  • A wise friend may have told you how a mentor has helped them


Caring Mentors Concentrate on the Entire Person

When we concentrate on only one role of a person, you miss how that will affect the other parts of their life, such as their values, behaviors, relationships, and even their spiritual life. I have learned that a whole person approach will significantly fulfill their true potential. Being a certified Social and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) mentor/coach is one of the dynamic tools we use in our mentoring program. EQ is a great tool to help find our real strengths and how to build on these strengths. It may also show areas that may be holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Neuroscience has shown that humans can’t make decisions without emotion. Our emotions are ultimately responsible for good decisions as well as bad decisions. Our social and emotional intelligence tool will help develop your awareness of your emotions and others. Your awareness will help you create more positive feelings about your work, staff, and life. Positive emotions lead to positive outcomes.

Life is busy, and we understand your time is important to you. Please know our mentoring program will be considerate of your time.

For dental practices and other businesses


“For the past five years, our dental office has seen increased production and profits using the dental consulting advice provided by Gayle Christensen. The office staff was excited about the changes and went about putting all of the practice ideas into place, only… we were stressed! We didn’t seem to understand or appreciate each others ideas and points of view with all the new changes until Ms. Christensen helped me and my staff understand and appreciate each other through her emotional intelligence evaluations. Emotional intelligence evaluations define what one’s strengths and challenges are, and most importantly, provides tools to improve our communication with others that may have caused barriers for us in the past. With Ms. Christensen’s guidance, it is an amazing tool that helped us face new changes with less stress and more understanding of each other’s strengths and challenges. What a change this has made in our practice climate! We now embrace each other’s differences, and Gayle can coach you to understand how you can work together more effectively and with respect. All this translates into a much healthier office morale and higher levels of customer service to our patients.

I highly recommend the evaluation of emotional intelligence to any health care provider, especially in a dental office to make your years in dentistry more profitable and enjoyable!”

Dr. Mark Watson
Family Tree Dental


“I am amazed at how God has provided for me through you and your dental consulting. Initially you provided a thoughtful and thorough review of my busy and somewhat stressful dental practice that resulted in a step by step plan to help our office to become more enjoyable, efficient and productive. Your contagious smile and winsome encouragement helped my team to overcome previous roadblocks.
We all came to appreciate that all of this was possible while maintaining our core values and our patient’s best interests. I especially appreciated the various levels of involvement that you offered over the past decade to keep us on track. THANK YOU!”
Dr. Eric Ness
Anoka-Ramsey Dental

Gayle and Kim are Certified & Trained through:

Institute of Social & Emotional Intelligence and Predictive Performance



Social and Emotional Intelligence is the ability to be aware of our own emotions  and those of others, IN THE MOMENT, and to use that information to manage ourselves and manage our relationships 



The Drake P3® assessment provides accurate, insightful, and easy-to-understand reports to assist customers in hiring, performance appraisals and team building.